Elementorum: Imitatus anima

Robots are out there, exploring worlds, while we are stuck on our tiny planet. Catch a mere glimpse of what they are up to. Follow the stories of four robots:

  • In the deep ocean, a robot meets a new gargantuan creature.

  • In the forest, a robot tries to understand the meaning of life.

  • In the plains, a robot aids a new old friend.

  • In the sky, a robot comes to a poetic conclusion.


Creator: Angela Boyle
Publication Date: April 2015
Format: Black and white, 28 pages, 10 inches tall x 7 inches wide, sewn with metal wire

Published with additional commentary on Imitatus anima.


Inked with a Hunt 102 and Dr. Martin Ph Bombay India ink on Bristol smooth. Gray was applied on vellum tracing paper, cleaned up on Adobe Photoshop, and combined with the inks in Adobe InDesign.


The following are some preliminary illustrations I did to practice each robot.