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A Bit About Me

From concept to finished product, I am skilled in all aspects of creating a book. I wrote Maker Comics: Live Sustainably! in addition to many of my own comics. I've created illustrations and comics. I've laid out or lettered minicomics and books, including the initial English lettering for Eisner-winner Shuna's Journey by Hayao Miyazaki. I've proofread or copyedited dozens of books and prepped printer files for both myself and a small publisher. I've designed covers and curated comic anthologies. I love every aspect of book creation. Including reading them.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Bellingham, Washington


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Book Coaching

I write. You write. We all write with all our might.

Let's work together to strengthen your book, whatever stage you are at. Though not limited to these, my expertise is with self-publishing and illustrated books (be that comics, hybrid books or illustrated adult books, but not children's books), as well as science fiction.

Contact me to discuss project scope and rates. Typically around $10 per page of manuscript.

Fountain Pen

First-Draft Feedback

Let’s level up your first draft:
we’ll bring it into focus by honing what’s essential, and cutting what’s not.
We'll work together to find
the essence of your story.

Reviewing the Law


Coming soon, I will have all sorts of classes available, with the option to get personalized feedback on your finished work from the class.


Project Planning

Sometimes you just need someone to keep an eye on you. Make sure you are staying on task. Let's make a plan to finish your book, to whatever point you want, and help you stick to it



With my love for the natural world, a certificate in natural science illustration seemed inevitable.

Sunset Soliloquy 4 and 5 spread_edited_edited.png


With a love for books, I dreamt of making them. And now I've worked for Chelsea Green Publishing and First Second.


With a love of illustration and storytelling, comics were merely the realization I could marry my two loves.

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