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Angela Boyle


In 2000, Angela Boyle started at the University of Washington with the intention of graduating in aeronautical/astronautical engineering. When push came to shove, she got a BS in technical communication, which was another program within the Engineering Department. After graduating in 2004, she got a job as a technical writer for government financial software. 


In 2011, she started taking art classes left and right. She learned new techniques and continued working on old ones. Then in 2013, Angela came upon the Natural Science Illustration certificate program at the University of Washington. It pulled together her technical communication skills and her art skills in a way she hadn’t thought of before. Technical communication is about organizing information, typically in written form, to help readers understand a complex topic. Scientific illustration is the art-based version of this.


In 2014, Angela uprooted from Washington state and moved to Vermont to attend The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS). After two years of hard work, she graduated with an MFA in 2016. While attending CCS, she started as a project manager at Chelsea Green Publishing.


Now she is a freelancer and spends the rest of her time creating her own comics work. She also teaches Extended Education classes at Western Washington University, including Illustration Techniques, about using different media such as watercolor, ink, and so on; and Illustration for Comics. 

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