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Awesome 'Possum, Volumes 1–4

After receiving her certificate in natural science illustration from the University of Washington, Angela was so excited that she began a natural science comic anthology with some of her classmates. ​She has continued putting a new volume out every year or two since then.

Comic anthology

2014, 2015, 2016, 2018


Her Blood and Bone

For Inktober 2018​, Angela drew on a theme of women with animal heads. For each of these illustrations, she wrote a piece of flash fiction, usually with a bit of a dark-humor twist. This book collects these 31 illustrations and their corresponding stories.

Collection of illustrations and flash fiction


_AO21590 10 13 Mid-Day Ducks.jpg

The Pond Book (working title)

For the years Abe and Angela lived in Vermont, Abe consistently visited Lily Pond on the hill in White River Junction. Over three years, he visited more and more frequently, photographing the changing seasons and the patterns of life. With ducks, frogs, dragon flies and more in every crevice, Abe learned to watch the slow progress of life at the side of a pond.

Collection of photos, essays, comics, and illustrations

In Progress


Threadbare Memories

It’s always hard when illusions are destroyed. But when the illusions were manipulated in front of your eyes, stifling your life for years, decades, by the person you love most, it’s more than hard, it's world crushing. When Nadine learns the truth about her life, again but for the first time, she can only look to Cob, her robot, her best and only friend.

Graphic novel

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Maria Sybilla Merian

Maria Sibylla Merian was a natural science illustrator in the late 1600s, even paying her own way for a trip from Europe to South America just to study their diversity of insects. Angela is bringing awareness of this awesome lady through a graphic novel biography. You can follow along on her Patreon and help fund the making of this comic.

Graphic novel

In Progress


The Amazing Homo erectus

Studying anthropology, Abe's favorite hominin became Homo erectus. They were incredibly successful, living from 1.9 million years ago to 143,000 years ago, the longest surviving Homo species. They were adept tool makers, the first to make direct use of fire for protection and cooking. They were nomadic but also the first to set up home bases. 

Graphic novel




The Duck Book

Another of Abe's obsessions is ducks. He has spent years photographing ducks at the same location, watching the families grow. But when he went to read more about ducks, he had a hard time finding any books. So we are going to get as much information as we can, from snippets in books about farming and wetlands to research articles about their bills, and put it in one place. 

Collection of photos, essays, illustrations, and comics



The Best on Earth and the Pretty Pretty Princess

In 2004, Abe and Angela got Nisa, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, from a breeder in Idaho. In 2005, they got Ernie, another Pembroke Welsh Corgi, from a breeder in Custer, Washington. Nisa had Addison's disease but kept on with her mischievous grins until she died on December 30, 2016. Ernie was the cuddliest of all things on the planet, but he died on June 21, 2017. These two short-legged furballs changed Abe and Angela's lives forever, for the better.

Collection of photos, essays, illustrations, and comics



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