Ernie is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, born in August 2006. He smelled like pee for the first three years of his life. As he got older, he finally grew into that ever-loved puppy smell.

Being born with so many siblings, he has some major food issues. When he was five years old, he weighed about 55 lbs. and the neighbors nicknamed him, with love, "Sausage." It didn't help his cause that his legs are short even for a corgi. After some diet changes, he is now a healthy 35 lbs!

In 2011, he moved from a series of upstairs apartments to one with a yard. In this amazing location, he finally learned to play fetch. He grew to love fetch more than life itself, running until he could run no more. 

In 2014, his family made him up and move across the country to Vermont. Fortunately, Ernie is a great fan of both puddles and snow. It must get below 0 degrees before he doesn't enjoy going outside.

Ernie's hobbies are chewing up paper (be it a paper towel roll or a snotty tissue), napping, and farting (though this is due mostly to his food allergies). He gives the sloppiest of kisses and barks at one volume—loudest.


Unfortunately, Ernie died of cancer on June 21, 2017. He will be missed.