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Mini Comic Services

Angela is a great admirer of the mini comic format and would love to see it treated
like the royalty it is. So with that in mind, she has special rates for mini comics,
since they are usually such small runs.


$1.50 per page, $30 minimum. 

Angela will lay out your mini comic to high standards based on the specifications you provide. She will explain any limitations or problems between the art and layout, such as if full bleed is not correctly designed for. She will also ensure that your copyright information is in the comic, which is important so people can get more comics from you later!


$1.25 per page, $20 minimum

Angela will read through your mini comic after layout, checking for consistency. For example, all speech ends with a period (or never ends with a period). She will also ensure that no important information is missing and that the pages are all there based on whether the story can be followed by the reader.

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