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Volume 1

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Released in 2014

This initial volume of Awesome 'Possum includes some of Angela's classmates from her natural science illustration certificate program at the University of Washington. They were all so excited about the myriad things they had learned in the program that they wanted to continue to share. Angela mailed out volume 1 to the Kickstarter backers during her first semester at The Center for Cartoon Studies!

Size: 8.5 × 5.5 inches
Page Count: 52 b/w pages
Price: $10
ISBN: 978-0997011104
Wholesale: Available on Ingram

Anchor 3

Front cover: Marly Beyer

Back cover: Angela Boyle

Angela Boyle - Grey Fox

EJ Landsman - Maria Sibylla Merian

Ellen Van Wyk - Human versus octopus eyeballs

Hatty Koerner - Kropotkin

Jessica Heide - Narwhals; Pitcher plants

Kami Koyamatsu - Emu

Alyssa Suzumura - Insect diversity


Illustration by Angela Boyle

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