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Volume 4

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Released in 2018

This volume is more manageable in size than Volume 3, coming in at a "mere" 230 pages with thirty-four artists. Still including cartoonists from around the world, this volume has some new and exciting topics, such as ecosystems like Slim's River (by Rachel Ford) and The International Friendship Garden on the US/Mexican border (by Ally Shwed).

Size: 11 × 8.5 inches
Page Count: 230 b/w pages, including index and bibliography
Price: $25
ISBN: 978-0-9970111-5-9

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Praise for Volume 4
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I love Awesome ‘Possum, and even though I have been writing about this sort of stuff for much of my life, I learn new things on almost every page.


author of The Species Seekers

Opossum1 - Elisa J.png

Illustration by Elisa Jarnefelt


Cover inks: Tillie Walden

Cover colors and design: Angela Boyle

Introduction: Jon Chad

Moss Bastille - Aye-aye

Stephen R. Bissette - Komodo dragons (with Ross Studlar on art)

Angela Boyle - Figs, Llamas

Anita K. Boyle - One-eyed sphinx moths

Nancy Canyon - Bone collection

Melissa Capriglione - Bobwhite quails

Bridget Comeau - Shoebill

Bernardo Dias - Ghost owl (aka, barn owl)

Kit Fraser - Eugenie Clark and sharks

Rachel Ford - Slim’s River (A'ay Chu)

Hedj - Herbivores eating meat

Caitlin Hofmeister - Echidnas (with Lauren Norby)

David Humphreys - Pros and cons of zoos

Elisa Jarnefelt - Human filter of nature

David Kirkham - Amphibians and reptiles in Black Country

Kevin Kite - Light-eating animals (with Michelle McCauley)

Hatty Koerner - Ecology of the1930s Dust Bowl

Shing Yin Khor - Corpse flower (Rafflesia)

Kami Koyamatsu - Gypsy moths

Laura Martin - Farley Mowat and wolves

Michelle McCauley - Light-eating animals (with Kevin Kite)

Melissa McGee - Water salinity and fish (with Lisa Wolinksy)

Shashwat Mishra - Haast’s eagle

Lauren Norby - Echidnas (with Caitlin Hofmeister)

Tom O'Brien - Animal hybridization

Kelly M. Ricker  - Koala

Salakjit- Ghost slug

Ally Shwed - Friendship Park

Elise Smorczewski - Chickens

Spratty Lin - Grace Olive Wiley and snakes

Ross Wood Studlar - Komodo dragons (written by Stephen R. Bissette)

Alyssa Suzumura  - Tiny flies

Kelly Swann  - Caracal

Lisa Wolinsky - Water salinity and fish (with Melissa McGee)

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