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Volume 2

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Size: 10.88 × 8 inches
Page Count: 132 b/w pages, including index
Price: $15
ISBN: 978-09970111-1-1
Wholesale: Available on Ingram

Released in 2016

With the success and popularity of the first volume, Angela decided to continue and extend the invitation to contribute to the students, alum, and teachers at The Center for Cartoon Studies. She finished up this volume during her second year at CCS.


Twenty-one artists explore what inspires them about the natural world, the plants and animals. Stephen R. Bissette wrote a story about his personal thoughts on the fisher cat. And Terri Nelson, who was preparing for a trip to the Antarctic, explains the purpose of museum collections that are not on display.

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Praise for Volume 3
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This amazing collection of comics and illustrations introduces readers to a wide mix of critters and plants and their interactions within ecosystems. You'll come away full of new facts and stories and with a renewed respect for the natural world. 


creator of Bird and Moon; author of Science Comics: Solar System


Illustration by Angela Boyle


Cover illustration: Shashwat Mishra

Introduction: Abe Olson

Stephen R. Bissette - Fisher cat (with Ross Studlar on art)

Angela Boyle - Mushroom; Playtpus 

Anita K. Boyle - Lily pads

John Carvajal - Pelican

Bridget Comeau - Poisonous mushrooms

Reilly Hadden - Loons

David Humphreys - Chipmunks

Kami Koyamatsu - Macropods (like kangaroos)

EJ Landsman - Air plants

J. D. Lunt - Feelings of love in dogs (with Angela Boyle on art)

Jody Marx - Songbird predators

Shashwat Mishra (also cover artist) - Dire wolves

Terri Nelson - Museum collections

Kelly Ricker - Dog sense of smell

Jonathan Rotsztain - Evolution of the eyeball

Salakjit - Little brown bats

Nora Sherwood - Garter snakes and rough-skinned newts

Ross Studlar - Fisher cat (with Steve Bissette on story)

Alyssa Suzumura - Lewis’s moon snail

Kelly Swann - Thorny devil

Stephanie Zuppo - Tazmanian tiger

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