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Volume 3

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Released in 2016

This volume sees the first time Angela Boyle opened the submissions to anyone. And what a turn out! Her excitement led to a humongous book, clocking in at almost 400 pages of nature goodness

The work includes fifty emerging and established cartoonists and natural science illustrators from across North America, and the world. The stories that bloom on these pages are shockingly diverse in both subject and type, from strictly scientific to pleasingly personal.

Size: 10.88 × 8 inches
Page Count: 398 b/w pages, including index and bibliography
Price: $30
ISBN: 978-0-9970111-2-8
Wholesale: Available on Ingram


PubWest 2017, Gold, Graphic Album, New Material
New York Books Show, Self-Published Cover, Adult Non-Fiction

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Praise for Volume 3
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Armadillo tongues, the social lives of rattlesnakes, the subtle trickery of side-blotched lizards—Awesome 'Possum is full of every-day wonders.


author of Chrysalis


Illustration by Kelly Swann


Cover inks: Stephen R. Bissette

Cover colors and design: Angela Boyle

Introduction: Ursula Vernon, creator of Digger

Megan Archer - Aphid-farming ants

Sophie Argetsinger - 17-year cicada

Allison Bannister - Xiphactinus fossil

Moss Bastille - Ergot

Bonesteel - Invasive plants

Angela Boyle - Dodo bird; monotremes

Anita K. Boyle  - Shorebirds, horsetails

Kes Bradley - Fossil creation

Kelly Chen - Jellyfish

Bridget Comeau  - Degus

Bernardo Dias - Lynx

Natalie Dupille  - Mountain beaver

Jerel Dye - Grasshopper mouse

Kelly Fernandez  - Ravens and crows

Kit Fraser - Salmon

Catherine Garberino - Great white sharks

Hedj - Coelacanth, Megafauna and -flora

Caitlin Hofmeister - Aphid reproduction

David Kirkham - Fossil creation

Kevin Kite - Tardigrade

Ethan Kocak - History of aquariums

Kami Koyamatsu - Great blue heron

Kate Lacour - Armadillos

EJ Landsman - Cats: declawing and body language

Lisa Lowndes - Sperm whales

Wm Brian MacLean - Foxes

Laura Madden - Cottonwood trees

Patricia Maldonado - Cryptozoology, 

Michelle McCauley - Tardigrades

Melissa McGee - Sperm whales

Payden McRoberts - Corn

Aurora Melchor - Sexual selection

Shashwat Mishra - Deep-ocean creatures

Lauren Norby - Aphid reproduction

Tom O'Brien - Bat flight

Abe Olson - Monotremes

G Pike - Flightless rails

Simina Popescu - Cordyceps

Kelly M. Ricker - Giraffes

Salakjit - Elephants

Bill Scavone - Varroa mites and honey bees

Sarah ‘Spratty’ Spratlin - Rattlesnakes

Ross Wood Studlar - Frozen frogs

Kim Sucher - Vultures

Alyssa Suzumura - Rafting

Kelly Swann - Seahoreses

Kriota Willberg- Anatomy of animals of urban areas

Iris Yan - Spider mating rituals

Vicky Yuh - Filial cannibalism

Stephanie Zuppo - Moose diseases

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